On-Site Hybrid Live Streaming

For Boarding School Event
THE NEED An on-site event needed to be transformed into an in-person, virtual hybrid event.

The On-Site Hybrid Event Need

A local boarding school had a parent’s weekend event that was originally planned to be for on-site participants only. As the event approached, they received several requests for remote participation from parents who would not be able to attend in person.

Working with our client, we helped them combine some events and move others to a new location to minimize the live stream equipment requirements, while still being able to create the same experience for the in-person attendees and the remote live stream participants.

The Live Streaming Requirement

We determined that the events to be live streamed could be held in two locations. First, the informative sessions and a keynote speaker located under a tent on a lawn; and second, an outdoor theater for a nighttime performance.

For the events in the tent, the on-site and remote audiences needed to see PowerPoint presentations, hear the speakers, and ask questions live.

THE CHALLENGES The outdoor event made screen displays, power supply, and virtual streaming challenging.

Screen Display Challenge

For the main daytime events under the tent, natural elements such as direct sunlight on screens and lighting for video were important factors that needed to be addressed. When doing presentations outdoors, an LED video wall is the preferred solution, but it has higher power requirements than other audio-visual solutions.

Power Supply Challenge

The outdoor theater required placing cameras and lighting among the arena-style seating and finding a place for our Audio-Visual set-up that had the required power – without disrupting the theater atmosphere. The limited power available was an element we had to work into our solution.

Virtual Streaming Challenge

The second location did not have internet available, so we needed to provide a mobile streaming solution. The live Question and Answer and live stream component also required cameras and lighting that needed to be set up inside the tent.

THE SOLUTION We strategized and solved the hybrid, outdoor event challenges we faced.

Screen Display Solution

  • Four 75” LED monitors
  • LED wash lights
  • Worked well with sunlight

With all these challenges in mind, we decided to use four 75” LED monitors on floor stands for the on-site presentation viewing, with two in front and two on the sides of the seating area near the middle.

An LED wall was another option that would have provided a large, viewable image for the entire audience even on a bright and sunny day, however the power requirements for the other Audio-Visual equipment and the budget considerations determined the selection of the four LED monitors, which also work well with sunlight.

LED wash lights were placed on floor stands on the sides of the tent and near the stage, located carefully to avoid blocking sightlines.

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Outdoor Theater Solution

  • Got close-ups of performers
  • Seamlessly switched between camera angles

For the outdoor theater, we set up a tripod and camera along with traditional theater lighting in the back of the arena. A second camera was placed on a low tripod in place of a front row seat and a third on the side behind the seats.

This setup allowed us to get close-ups of individual performers and seamlessly switch between camera angles.

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Q&A Session Solution

  • Showcased live stream chat window
  • Dedicated audio for presenters to hear questions live

To enable a live Question and Answer session, we placed a small monitor next to the podium that showcased the live stream chat window, as well as an audio feed to a speaker dedicated for the presenters so they could hear any live questions.

We also had wireless handheld microphones on-site so that the in-person questions could be heard by the live stream participants.

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Audio Solution

  • Ensured that audio was clear
  • Live edited & streamed show from our station

For an audio solution, we placed boundary microphones around the front of the stage and used our digital mixer to ensure that the audio was clear. This was streamed live and recorded using our mobile VMIX machine and a cellular access point.

We also set up our equipment out of sight of the audience, and used a series of video and audio monitors to live edit and stream the show from our station.

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Virtual Streaming Solution

  • Live switching between variety of views
  • Live & back-up PowerPoint computers

For the live stream, we brought in our mobile production studio, with live and back-up PowerPoint computers, graphics for names and titles, and a VMIX switcher and broadcast machine. Three remotely controlled PTZ cameras were placed around the tent, allowing live switching between a variety of views for the live stream audience.

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THE FINAL RESULT We successfully implemented audio visual and technological solutions for this hybrid event.

Audio Visual Success

On the day of the event, our client was pleased to see that there were more remote attendees than anticipated, validating the decision to create a hybrid event. The camera setup for both events captured clear images, and the audio solutions we designed provided clear audio of everyone on-site for the live stream.

Virtual Audience Integration Success

The Question and Answer segment had dozens of questions from both remote and on-site participants, and all of the questions and answers were heard by the group. When the events concluded, we uploaded all of the recordings to their live stream service and they got even more views after the event, making the entire project a success for everyone involved.

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