Live Stream Events

Live stream event with stage, lighting and cameras

Professional Live Stream
for Your Brand or Business

Exceptional, customized customer service paired with decades of experience organizing all types of events are what make SMI AV truly stand out from the competition. Any audio visual company can do the basic legwork, but when it comes down to the fundamentals of project management and working through every last detail leading up to the live stream of your event, SMI AV knows what it takes.

When you live stream events, making them virtual or hybrid events is the perfect solution for companies who are looking for the flexibility of a virtual experience and still want to provide the same benefits to viewers as an in-person event or conference.

Turnkey Live Streaming for a Variety of Events

Our live streaming options are the perfect solution for global and regional conferences, virtual meetings, business communications, and hybrid in-person events. Whatever your needs are, we can bring a full-service live production studio to you.

We can handle any type of event for live streaming, including:

  • Sales meetings
  • Q&As
  • Community events and communications
  • Team/department meetings
  • Virtual town halls
  • One-on-one interviews and panel discussions

Our Live Streaming Services

Our experienced and specialized technicians will handle the entire process – from planning to the end of the event – with equipment customized for your needs and content streamed to multiple platforms simultaneously and recorded.

Live Stream event control room with 8 video monitors and video switcher
We have the ability to stream to any site like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Zoom, Teams and your website simultaneously, plus:
  • Multiple cameras, live editing
  • Custom graphics
  • Secure streaming or pre-recording of presenters from anywhere in the world
  • HD broadcast experience
  • Redundant internet connections and back-up streams
  • Recorded for on-demand viewing

Ready to Get Started?

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How the Process Works

1. Discovery Call

After you contact us, we’ll discuss your project needs during a discovery call, including:

  • Scale of the event (plus the number of people involved)
  • Your exact live streaming needs
  • Budget
  • Project timeline and dates
  • Purpose of the event

2. Receive Quote

Our team will get to work putting together a comprehensive quote, including budget and technical specifications.

3. Review & Approve

We’ll present the creative solution to you.

4. Implement

We’ll complete the project, including delivery of the design.

5. Event Recap

Share post-event results and feedback.